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The future of European robo-ethics

"Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) have become one of the most prominent technological trends of our century. However, the swift increase in their use and development presents new and difficult challenges for our societies. The aim of this consultation is to launch a broad based debate with a wide range of stakeholders on the European Parliament report on civil law rules on robotics ((2015/2103(INL)). The results of the consultation will feed into the European Parliamentary Research Service’s forthcoming ‘Cost of non-Europe on robotics and artificial intelligence’ report.Participate in the Survey
This consultation specifically seeks views on how to best address the challenging ethical, economic, legal and social issues related to the developments in the area of robotics and AI for civil use, as identified in the report. The European Parliament will debate and vote on the report of the Committee on Legal Affairs in Plenary in February 2017. The current public c…

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